Welcome to Guinevere's Candles

Quality candle are decorated with pressed flowers, making to make a unique gift.

In the lush moutains of coastal California, chandler Guinevere searches for wild flowers. She gathers the blooms she grows especially for the bouquet created on each candle. The result is a unique piece of art.

In a solar powered shop, the candles are made from the highest quality paraffin and are specially blended with beeswax and lavender essential oil to give a light wafting scent of real flowers. The flowers, bathed in soothing light from the slow, steady flame, seem to take on new life.

A sense of renewal rises as the candle casts light and scent adrift on the moving air. Guinevere's Candles - a truly relaxing gift to the senses.

Each candle features a unique design of real pressed flowers that glow when the candle is lit. All candles are scented with lavender oil. Each candle has a different flower.